The  Production of

"Liquid O.N.E."
Making GEC Organics’ "Liquid O.N.E.  "
     Our compost tea is made from our own naturally produced compost.  Our specially designed tanks will hold a supply of our "O.N.E.™" in a porous container while forced air, producing aeration is injected into the tank that is filed with untreated well water.  The moving / agitated  water will soak the compost container and will dislodge the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and other small soil organisms as well as compounds that promote plant growth.  Microbial foods are then added to cause the microbes to grow and multiply while the entire solution is aerated to keep the oxygen at a level high enough to avoid fermentation conditions.  Our process takes about 10 hours.

     This microbe rich solution creates pore spaces in the soil and builds a fine structure allowing larger organisms to inhabit the soil, creating even more pore spaces.  This allows more oxygen to enter the soil so even more biological activity can occur.  It also allows the soil to act like a sponge and soak up rain water, storing it for plants to use and preventing erosion.  Additionally, plant nutrition is medicated by the microbes and higher organisms in their soil which is enhanced by the application of our liquid compost.  Through their digestion of organic matter, they pass a steady stream of mineral nutrients to the plant roots.

     The "Liquid O.N.E.™" may be sprayed on all above ground plants for foliar feeding and disease protection.  Once applied to the foliage, the active microbes in the solution begin to attach themselves within 20 minutes and will not usually be dislodged by a rain event.  "Liquid O.N.E.™" can also be applied on the ground, including turf, mulched beds or bare soil.  For most applications, we recommend 10 gallons per acre.  This is, of course added to enough water to apply it evenly and can often be dispersed through the irrigation system.  The use and dosage of our liquid compost tea depends on the purpose of the application and the plants/crops to be treated.

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