Apply a minimum of one ton of "O.N.E.™" per acre depending on the condition of the soil and variety of crops grown. After the first year you may be able to reduce the amount of "O.N.E.™" needed as the compost begins to repair the soil.
This highly nutritious blend is pathogen-free! It is made using extractions from our compost, then aerobically brewed with added microbial and fungus populations.
"O.N.E.™", is a “High-Potency”, nutrient rich compost that is used to return your soil to a healthy, balanced growing medium.

If you want more information on how to apply "O.N.E.™" to your many soil related needs and cut costs. Feel free to call one of our friendly representatives at: (251) 966-2300
We use only nutrient-rich chicken litter combined with high carbon-value wood shavings and quality green waste materials. Call today to get more information on "O.N.E.™" and a sample bag.
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Liquid O.N.E.™ can be used as a foliant spray, allowing
efficient absorption of nutrients by leaves and roots. It helps suppress
folliar diseases with immune boosting properties and speeds the
breakdown of toxins. Our aerated tea breeds a larger number of
beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi which is most important for the
development and health of the soil.

Apply our compost tea as you would in accordance with your normal
fertilizing schedule!

Liquid O.N.E

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