Our "O.N.E.™"

Our "O.N.E.™" products benefit your soil in a number of ways. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use GEC Organics complete line of solid and liquid products.

O.N.E.™ & Liquid O.N.E.™ Product Benefits:

O   100% Organic

O    Increased soil water retention
up to 50%

O    Balances PH of soil


O    Drought resistant

O    Eliminate or reduce the need for
synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

O    Accelerates germination period of seeds; thereby bringing crops to market sooner

Larger and stronger plant root systems resulting in healthier plants, trees, and turf

O    Greater crop yields

O    Faster blooming cycle

O    Increased nutrient storage aiding fertilizer runoff control

O    Restores and balances the ecosystem of the soil

O    Overall soil longevity