Carbon Credits

 While increasing our presence in all areas of organic agricultural, both commercial and retail, we have entered the worldwide Voluntary Carbon Credit market. The process used in the production of our organic soil amendment; O.N.E™, has given us the opportunity to accumulate valuable carbon credits without any change or expense in our manufacturing procedure. After 2 years of testing and development, GEC Organics has been approved by the Gold Standard Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland. This very prestigious and highly respected organization has validated our process and has awarded us a 10 year crediting period for the issuance of carbon credits which are valuable to companies domestically and internationally.   

Our process removes harmful Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions from the atmosphere and allows us to market these as carbon offsets and as a means for corporations and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. We are the only company in the US to be approved for this activity by the Gold Standard, Our Gold Standard credits are currently being market by firms worldwide. The following video will help explain the nature of a carbon credit and how it is generated:   


Gold Standard Carbon Credits LISTED with CTX Global