The balance of nitrogen

Initially, Nitrogen enhances leaf and green stem growth.

If used in excess, as in the application of synthetic fertilizers...

the quality of the stems and leaves are diminished and weak.

  • However, a Nitrogen deficiency will result in plants that can become stunted and wilted. This delicate balance is easier to achieve with the use of organic products because they contain other essential elements in the proper proportions for successful fertilization. The key to this balance is the interaction of nature’s own process with the enhancement from our product "O.N.E.™ ". The important role of humus in agriculture has been known since ancient times and GEC Organics (GECO) has relied on humic acid for the development of its products.   

  • Humic Acid properties and the quality of the nutrients in our "O.N.E.™" are what make the blend so effective in the development of the soil and as a result the healthy plant. Our product is made up of nutrients which stay in the root zone exactly where they are distributed as opposed to conventional, synthetic fertilizers which wash away with a single heavy rain. It is for this reason that many agricultural experts equate the nutrient value, or NPK of an organic fertilizer with three times that of synthetic fertilizers. It has bee the practice of force feeding plants and killing pests that created the perception in modern agriculture that the higher the NPK, the better. Organic programs of solid and liquid compost are based on developing healthy soil and working with the natural biological activity of the soil.   

  • The use of Humic Acids is the key for O.N.E™ to work with Nature. Water is tightly kept between Humic Acid molecules with the help of hydrogen bonds allowing the storage of moisture during dry periods. By reacting with calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron, which are always present in soil, humates form organic mineral bridges. These “bridges” form a protective net connecting the soil’s particles in a structure helping to resist erosion, keep more oxygen and moisture and create a favorable environment for micro flora development. Thus humates are essential in maximizing agricultural health, while influencing the matrix of water, plant and soil.