What people are saying

Chip Bryars, organic farmer and land owner:

“The results I have gotten with the GECO Compost were remarkable.  I conducted side by side testing for my winter greens and the difference in plant size was unbelievable.  The quality and volume of the radishes, turnips and different types of lettuce that were grown with the GEC product demonstrated better overall growth and fewer pests than with synthetic fertilizers.  I have started working directly with Chasing Fresh, a new farm to table produce delivery service and all indications are that there is a significant improvement in the taste of the vegetables which I have grown organically.”

Barbara Wolfe, retail customer and gardening expert:

“I used the Compost from GEC on tomato plants by mixing it in with the soil.  My plants were green and healthier and bloomed earlier while producing more tomatoes than all other years.”

Debra Burch, consumer and avid gardener:

I tilled the GEC Compost into the ground and planted squash and okra.  The okra grew taller, had an increased yield and had a growing longer than the previous year.  The squash plants were also bigger and healthier while producing more squash than last year.”

Johnny Andrews, farmer:

“I used the Compost on winter greens by first tilling it in the soil.  My winter plants are doing better than all past years.  I can’t wait to see how the OSA1000 will perform in the summer.”

Josh Reeves, consumer:

“I spread the Compost by hand on my lawn when I planted grass seed.  In a short time the new grass was thicker than what was already growing for years in my backyard.”

Lavon Boutwell, owner of The Farm Center in Brewton Alabama, a representative for John Deere and for

“I have experimented with the GEC OSA1000 and the results were very impressive.  As an example, I grew pineapple plants side by side using synthetic fertilizer and OSA1000.  The OSA plants had greener leaves, grew faster and much bigger.  A pineapple in Southern Alabama!”

Jeremy Padgett, farmer and builder:

“For the last home I built, I laid sod for the lawn and it turned completely brown. I contacted GEC and purchased their Compost Tea, OSA-CT1000.  I drenched the sod and in 3 days it was green and began to knit together.  The results were hard to believe.”

James Miles, Alabama Extension, Auburn University:

“The GEC organic compost, OSA1000 was tested in a controlled environment and compared to a synthetic fertilizer for a full growing season.  The plants were irrigated or received rain in the same way.  The OSA1000 performed noticeably better with greener, stronger and bigger plants with better yields.”

Michael Pollan, Author of The Botany of Desire and Omnivores Dilemma:

“Industrialized agriculture is unsustainable and conventional agriculture is not good for the environment, farmers, communities or consumers.  One of the major problems of industrialized agriculture is pollution because the use of fertilizer creates toxic earth”.

Joel Salatin, Pioneer of sustainable farming:

“We are facing negative consequences.  Disease of environment equals disease of people.  Bad soil creates bad fruits and vegetables which creates a toxic environment for the earth”.

Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety:

“Modern day thought is that you can’t feed the world with organic farming. This is wrong.  Medium sized organic farms are far more productive than any industrialized model of agriculture and are sustainable.  Our soil is being depleted at 13 times the rate it can be replaced”.

Will Allen, Director of Growing Power:

“Rural or Urban agriculture requires the growth of healthy soil.  Our compost is developed from food waste and worms creating sustainable farming”.

George Naylor, National Family Farm Collation:

“Farmers have huge expenses for the production of crops such as fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, fuel and interest on the loans they needed. They are given subsidies for the crops they produce but this is not enough to sustain them.  Once we get in place to require organic farming this cycle will be corrected.”